Come discover the assault mode !

Hi everybody !

Activity around the URT assault mode is growing. Some of us had recently the idea to organize an event to discover the new assault mode in much better and funny way. The solution was obvious : a contest ! This could be a really good chance for the different teams to meet each other and discuss about the future ! We’re not able to say much more at the moment, but the registration should occur during september 2010, and the competition will probably take place during a week-end.

We will let you know about the news as soon as possible : stay connected !


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The day when it’s in URT

We are trying to include the assault mode in Urban Terror as an official mode, the same way Jump mode did which will appear in the next version.

Why is this formalization so important for us ?

Because the assault mode in it’s actual form raises some serious issues for mappers and servers. Indeed, on the servers side the B3 plug-in is needed, furthermore, assault maps are really hard to make.

To conclude I’ll show you some of the possible  improvements if the mode is integrated to Urban Terror :

  • More maps since they will be easier to make
  • An arrow indicating your way (placed at the top or bottom of the screen like in a lot of games)
  • A signal on your mini-map that indicates the exact position of the objective (like in bomb mode)
  • More servers running the mode (easy to set-up, no B3 needed, could be runned on servers like nitroservers)
  • No flash on respawn
  • Instant respawn (for now there is a little delay)
  • Reliable final objectives (Mr.Sentry is the best solution we came up with… Frozen Sand will be able to realise better objectives (planting a bomb for instance)
  • More interesting objectives (Find a code in order to defuse a bomb, get a key to open a door …)

And some other minor improvements !

Taumafort Beta 1

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